Brilliant Naturally

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I love a challenge or mostly I love to feel challenged and yet sometimes it, life and the busyness of life, all gets too much and I just want to walk away from anything that takes up too much of my energy.

Interestingly though when I do turn away, retreat, and find some quietness the space I gift myself brings in newness. A refreshing energy moves through me and suddenly I’m inspiring myself to create something brilliant. In that moment of resistance, that moment of apathy, that moment of exhaustion, that moment of feeling defeated or stretched and expanded beyond what is healthy, my body takes over and it’s wisdom (it being my body’s wisdom) stops me in my tracks and I’m forced to pause.

The power is in the pause!

I’ve used that as a tag line for years and yet now as I write this article using the word Brilliant given out as a daily prompt the power of the pause lands renewed, refreshed and embodied in a new way.

My body’s knowing that I need to stop, to pause, to recalibrate and breathe deeply and smoothly reconnects me to the calm of my life and then to the brilliance of life itself.

In my pausing I reconnect to all aspects of self and in that my love of nature, flora and fauna re-emerges and brings a deep peace back into my world. My heart soars as it becomes fuller, filled with so much richness and a love for all that nature offers us each and everyday. The natural beauty found in the trees, the sky, and the clouds that can look like animals or angels or perhaps even monsters. Whatever it is, a lake, an ocean, the forest, a waterfall or a bird, I sit in awe of the brilliance that is Mother Earth’s offering and all the life she so amazingly provides to support us to thrive in our life-lived-moments.

So it’s #withcuriousintent that I sit into writing about what is brilliant and in what’s really brilliant is that I became really engaged in the simpliscity of being-present to the unfolding that occurred within and to realise that true brilliance comes naturally to us all if we allow nature to be our inspiration.


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